Welcome!👋🏽 My name is Jaume Alemañ and I build this site that collects hundreds of references on visual and digital design. The motivation of this project is that students, interns, juniors — or anyone else — can have a list of sites to look or resources to use, always for free ✨.

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This project is what I would have liked to have on hand when I was studying or starting to work as a designer. Hundreds of resources, references, and tools to make use of, compiled by categories and sections in one place.

The main objective is the free collection of all these resources, so that people who don’t have certain privileges, can have it handy. Behind these references, there are hours of work, but the goal is to give back to the community. My personal experience has taught me that when we share knowledge, we all grow, personally and professionally.


If you have questions, contributions, tips to improve or just want to say "hello" you can contact me through these channels: Mail / Twitter

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